Requirements to Earn a Private Pilot Certificate

Private Pilot Requirements - SJVA-1

Pathway to Becoming a Professional Pilot 

Professional Pilot Pathway

Pilot Certificate Resources

  • Airplane Pilot Licenses – Students can solo at age 16 and earn their private pilots license at age seventeen.  Executive Flight Institute  is a great place to go and earn your pilot’s certificate.
  • Glider Pilot Licenses – Students can solo at age 14 and earn their private pilot glider license at age sixteen.
  • FAA – Licenses & Certificates – From pilots and aircraft to airports and spaceports, we provide procedures and tools to help you apply for, receive, and maintain FAA licenses and certificates.
  • FAA – Aviation Handbooks & Manuals – Important and relevant handbooks and manuals can be found here for free that will provide the necessary knowledge to earn a private pilot certificate and beyond.

Student Pilot Certificate 

  • Student Pilot’s Certificate Requirements – Before you can fly solo one must receive their student pilot certificate. You do not need your student pilot certificate to start taking flying lessons. The FAA website will provide an overview and answer questions regarding how to acquire a student pilot certificate.
  • IACRA – Help and Information – User guide on the three parts Starting a Student Application, the overall process, and certifying process. 

FAA Medical Certificate

  • Pilot Medical Certification Questions and Answers – Search for an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) in your area. This tool provides an up-to-date listing of AMEs
  • Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) – Search for an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) in your area. This tool provides an up-to-date listing of AMEs
  • AOPA Medical Resources – Do you have questions or need information about an airman medical topic? Look through the information on these pages, and feel free to contact AOPA’s Medical Certification Specialists.

Private Pilot Knowledge Exam 

  • Free Online FAA Test Prep –  “Create customized study sessions, whether you have 5 minutes or 2 hours, Take randomly generated, practice tests – just like the real thing!, Use Learning Mode to select specific aeronautical knowledge areas, Unlimited practice tests that are randomly generated from the entire question database.”
  • Free FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Practice Exam  – Taking numerous Practice Pilot Knowledge Exams is one way to identify areas of weakness for further study and to determine if you are ready to take the actual test.
  • FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Exam Prep – Sheppard Air – This company sells an online version of their study prep that has been demonstrated to be effective in preparing you to pass your Private Pilot Knowledge Exam.
  • CAST Test Center – French Valley Aviation – French Valley Aviation is the nearest testing center to SJVA where one can take their Private Pilot Knowledge Exam.

Grants and Scholarships

  • Aviation Grants and Scholarships  – Aviation is not cheap but there are many scholarships and grants available for all fields of aviation. Some of the scholarships are specifically for high school students pursuing their private pilot certificate.

Associations, Organizations, Curriculum 

  • AOPA – AV8RS – This organization provides a free membership for youth to help foster the interest and growth of aviation. “AOPA AV8RS receive a digital subscription to Flight Training magazine; access to member-only content on and for research and interesting stories; opportunities to connect with other AOPA AV8RS across the country through dedicated online social communities including Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and YouTube; informative content at; a special e-newsletterwith stories about young pilots, the latest aviation technologies, events, scholarship opportunties, and more.”
  •  EAA – Youth Education – The Experimental Aircraft Association Youth Education is committed to “inspiring young people to experience the freedom of flight is one of EAA’s greatest obligations to assure a strong future for aviation.” This organization provides free flights to youth through their Young Eagles program, scholarships, internships, college and career planning and opportunities, camps, and more.

Colleges and Careers

  • American Airlines Cadet Academy  – Prospective pilots with little or no flight experience can now begin their career track without the complexity and uncertainty traditionally associated with flight training.
  • Aviation Careers – This resource provides information about various careers in aviation. The site provides information such as job type, salary, and education requirements. The jobs are categorized by type: pilots, airports, airlines, aircraft manufacture, and government. They also provide some video testimonials on how people turned their love for aviation into a career.
  • Aviation Programs – Colleges and Universities  – This resource provides a list of colleges and universities that have aviation programs to help pursue careers in this field. In addition, here is a list of colleges and universities in Southern California that offer aviation programs.

Video Resources


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